Little Builders

little builders Kids Playground

You've been around the mall twice, you head outside for a walk. You end up at a playground but it's cold and wet and there are no other kids. You plead with your child to go home but he wants to play. We've got a better alternative. Today make your life easier by heading to Montreal Beach for Little Builder Playtime. While the kids happily run free and dig up the indoor sandbox, you relax and have a nice chat with the other parents while sipping a latte or refreshing smoothie. Have fun playing with all our sand toys like shovels, pails, and balls. Come ready to enjoy the beach, at Montreal's only indoor beach centre!

ATTENTION: This is a new program and we can’t be sure of how many people will show up. As such, we recommend that you come organised with another mom or dad and child. The beach centre is open all week long. If you would like to organise your own plyagroup, please call us and we’ll get all the toys out for you.


Indoor kids activities for all ages
An adult must supervise child in the play area, at all times.
Child must be potty trained, wear pull-ups or wear diapers.
If a “potty” accident occurs, a supervisor must be notified immediately to clean the area.
Please use the washroom area for changing diapers, and dispose of diapers in the trashcan.
NO shoes, food, or drinks are allowed on the sand .
No throwing sand.
No hanging on the volleyball nets.
Keep all toys IN the sand.

Tips First time to the AMB Beach Centre? Only payments in cash are accepted. Avoid losing your toys and having them inspected by us. We have TONS of toys, so just bring your excitement. Dress however you’d like. We’re indoors! Our clean sand is a larger grain, so it dusts right off you. Snack bar availabale on site but feel free to bring your own treats. Enjoy food and drinks anywhere OFF the sand on our tables and chairs right next to the sand. Tell your friends about us. We're new and we're excited to share our centre with the kids who always love to play in the sand. We do birthday parties and corporate events too but not during Little Builder TIme. That's precious.

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